Wooden board Mountain

Cutting Board Mountain

For nature lovers. For those who long for authenticity. For home comfort lovers. For the creators of unforgettable gifts. For those looking for a gift from Bulgaria. All of them will like this wooden board.

Wooden board Mountain has an author's drawing. Each one is different in itself, because the drawing is done by hand and there is no way to guarantee 100% uniformity. And such an effect is not sought.

Holding this board in your hands or seeing it at home is very nice. It is so beautiful and elegant and at the same time so basic. If you are looking for a gift for a new home, a gift for a man or a gift for a woman, a gift for lovers of nature and natural materials - you have found it here.

Apart from serving, the board can also be used for cutting - the drawing does not limit the use in any way. Treat as usual wood should be treated - do not wash in the dishwasher, but only by hand; dry after washing; if desired, use woodworking oil.
Dimensions: 43x21 cm

Material: beech

Wooden board Mountain is painted with a pyrograph for 3 hours by an author working in Sofia. By choosing this product, you support small business and manual labor.