Polymer clay mug Pink cupcake

Coffee mug with decoration Pink cupcake

A cup with decor of polymer clay and a tea spoon. Handmade. Each element is unique, so there can be a slight difference in shape and color. 

The cup is porcelain with a capacity of 250 ml. The relief is made of polymer clay. It is recommended to wash it by hand, because in the dishwasher there is a risk that the decoration will fade. Do not use in a microwave oven. 

The spoon is made of steel. Maintain as well as the polymer clay cup. If you wash by hand, the colors will not fade and you will use for many years.

Change your daily routine and surround yourself with beautiful accessories. Make someone extremely happy by giving them such a unique gift. If you are looking for a gift from Bulgaria, why not make it a set of a cup and a teaspoon with decoration. If you want the cup to be personalized or in some way different from the one we show you here, you can place an order. Contact us to specify the details ([email protected] or 0888 37 88 50). Keep in mind that making a glass takes between 6 and 9 hours. The work process includes mixing colors, baking, gluing and packaging. Thank you for your patience!

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