Flower Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop-shaped earrings

Elegant earrings with real rose leaves inside. 

Handmade. It is impossible to make exactly the same copy because there is no absolute uniformity in nature. 

Wearing these earrings will confirm the truth that you are just unique. The length is medium, which makes the earrings suitable for everyday wear, with a negligible risk of tangling in the hair or scarf. They are equipped with silver hooks, which in addition to durability and strength, allows them to be worn by ladies who are allergic to impure metals. The adjustment of the hooks allows wearing without protective pads. Open the hooks as needed to fit in the ear, then close them as far as you can. They stand firmly and although they do not weigh, you feel them safely.

Length with the hook: 5.5 cm

Material: rose leaves and resin