Bulgarian pottery Dandelion

Bulgarian pottery from Troyan - Dandelion

Troyan tottery is a symbol of Bulgarian people's custums. Traditional pottery patterns are familiar to all Bulgarians and they are associated them with the table, with nature, with the sun.

We'd like to show you one modern line of traditional ceramic - Dandelion. All products are made to a high standard - from red clay. The drawings are by hand.

The series includes: Coffee cup, Tea cup, Plate and Pot for yogurt or honey.

These are products that you may use in everyday life. They can be washed in a dishwasher. If you use in an oven - be sure to put them in a cold oven (applies to all ceramic dishes such as casseroles, trays, etc.).

The Dandelion Troyan ceramics series is suitable as a gift for a new home or a gift for foreigners. The products are both traditional and modern, not losing the connection with nature in the face of the dandelion. And what does the dandelion symbolize? When you buy or give a product from the Dandelion series, know that the dandelion is very mystical. It is like the sun (while it is yellow) and like the moon (when it is like white fluff). And when we blow on it, it turns into little shooting stars. Close your eyes and blow on the dandelion - let your wishes spread and come true.

Made in Bulgaria.

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