Bulgarian ceramics Cherries

Bulgarian pottery from Troyan - Cherries

Pottery is one of the most recognizable Bulgarian crafts. The patterns of the Troyan ceramics are known to all Bulgarians. In almost every home there is a ceramic cup or saucer left by our parents or bought as a souvenir. If you are looking for a souvenir from Bulgaria or want to give something typical Bulgarian to someone, then the Bulgarian pottery can be a greit choise.

With deep sentiment for this traditional art, we present to you the modern series of ceramics from the city of Troyan - Cherries. 

The series includes:

Handleless coffee mug - there is a place to grab it; also suitable for use in a car.

Tea cup

A small bowl

A large spilled bowl or pan - the same can be used in the oven, but be sure to put it in a cold oven. This is a rule for all ceramic dishes - do not put them in a hot oven.

Cherries are a symbol of good mood, of the coming summer, of the sweetness of life. Delight yourself or your loved ones by buying cups and bowls with cherries.

Made in Bulgaria. With the purchase of Troyan ceramics, Cherries series, you are supporting a producer from the city of Troyan.

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