Bulgarian bone china Ralitsa

Bulgarian porcelain Ralitsa

The Ralitsa series of Bulgarian bone china is embossed and sculpted. The set includes a glass, a saucer and a dessert plate. They all create a synchronicity inviting to their daily use.

The gold edging of the series is like a brooch on the lapel, like the gypsy summer, like a pivot between classic and timelessness - a piece of luxury in reality.

The set includes:

1 glass with a volume of 180 ml

1 plate with a diameter of 13.5 cm

1 plate with a diameter of 17 cm

Do not use in microwave oven. Washing in a dishwasher is not contraindicated. Hand wash recommended.

Bone china is very fine and light. If you will own this type of product for the first time, expect an airiness and apparent fragility. In addition to these, the Ralitsa series also has a delicate lace-like motif.

By ordering Bulgarian bone china Ralitsa series, you are supporting a Bulgarian producer from the city of Vidin.

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