Basket for fruits, decorations and tea-tray

Handmade basket with a wooden bottom

Each basket is hand made and in this regard I can not guarantee that there are two absolutely identical pieces. The material used is 100% cotton yarn, with a thread thickness of 7-9 mm. The bases are wooden, in three sizes - 15, 20 and 25 cm. The middle and large breadcrumbs have woven handles.
Available in nice colors.

In the baskets you can store fruits and nuts; to serve coffee, tea, sweets, bread; to store medicines, small objects, souvenirs; to keep your cosmetics and make-up; to put flower pots on them. You can also use them for a tray basket, for holding and arranging dried and fresh flowers and scented candles, for auxiliary accessories when organizing weddings and other important events. If you are looking for a gift idea for your wedding guests - why not give them small gifts in such a knitted basket, in a color of your choice, with a personalized leather label?

In case you are looking for a gift for a new home, be sure that such a handmade basket will be appreciated.

Sizes (deviations are possible):
S - with bottom 15 cm, height 6 cm
M - with bottom 20 cm and handles, height 6.5 cm
L - with bottom 25 cm and handles, height 7.5 cm

Time for production if is not available: up to 5 days

Made in Bulgaria

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